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How to tame a fox in Minecraft

how to tame a fox in minecraft -Minecraft is filled with animals to tame, so there’s one thing for everybodyYou’ll be able to tame a cat to maintain at house or a horse to accompany you on adventures, or you would begin an entire farm filled with pigs, cows, and sheep. If these are somewhat too mainstream for you, you would at all times take a unique method and search out a furry little fox to be your digital companion.

Right here’s our information on methods to tame a fox in Minecraft — they’re somewhat trickier to tame than different animals.

The place to search out foxes

A snow fox in Minecraft

Foxes spawn in taiga, large tree taiga, and snowy biomes in teams of two to 4. Being nocturnal creatures, foxes are extra lively at evening — that’d be one of the best time to begin your search should you’re in search of one.

Foxes that spawn in snow biomes could have snow-white fur, and foxes in forest biomes are pink. There’s a small probability you would run right into a child fox as properly. Foxes even have a 20% probability to spawn holding objects, which embrace an emerald, rabbit foot, rabbit conceal, egg, wheat, leather-based, or a feather (presumably left over from earlier meals).

Through the evening, foxes typically go to villages and prey on chickens.

How you can tame a fox


Now that you simply’ve discovered a fox within the wild, it’s time to method it. However watch out; foxes are shy and can run away from you should you method too rapidly. You’re going to wish to method a fox with a candy berry in hand to assist construct a relationship with the little manCarry a superb inventory of candy berries with you — you don’t need to run out earlier than you tame your fox.

In contrast to different animals, you possibly can’t tame a wild fox — so that you’ve bought to get two wild foxes to breed and create a brand newcompletely tamed fox so that you can increaseDiscover a mob of foxes and feed candy berries to 2 of them till hearts seem over each of their heads. Apparently candy berries are an aphrodisiac for foxes, and so they’ll produce a child fox that’s born tame!

Foxes are fast to scamper off for canopy as soon as the solar comes out, so constructing a fence across the group you’re feeding will assure they gained’t run off in the course of the method.


Your new child fox will belief you, however nonetheless trusts its dad and mom extraAs a result of child foxes additionally observe close by grownup foxes, an grownup working away from the participant could trigger the newborn to do the identicaleven when it’s tamed. You’ll be able to connect a result in your child fox to maintain it by your aspect till it matures and now not follows different foxes.

Foxes will assault chickens, rabbits, cod, salmon, and tropical fish. It’ll additionally assault something trying to hurt the participant.

If any merchandise is on the bottom close to a fox, the fox travels to the merchandise and picks it up, and the merchandise seems within the fox’s mouth. A fox can choose up any objects a participant can, however prefers meals objects, which it would ultimately eat.

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